Restronguet Creek Society Constitution

  • 1.

    THE NAME of the Society shall be the Restronguet Creek Society.

  • 2.

    THE OBJECT of the Society shall be (a) to safeguard the beauty and public amenity value of Restronguet Creek by making such representations as may be necessary to appropriate public authorities, industrial organizations and individuals to ensure that the creek is not endangered by diminution of the ebb and flow of salt and fresh water silting up the bed of the creek, undesirable shoreside developments or any other factors including pollution considered undesirable to the preservation of the essential character of the creek for present and future generations. (b) to offer support to and collaborate with other areas and Associations which have similar objectives.

    FOR THE PURPOSE OF THESE OBJECTS Restronguet Creek is defined as that area of tidal water from Restronguet Point and Weir Point and the approaches up to the road bridges at Penpol, Devoran and Perran Wharf and the surrounding countryside.

  • 3.

    MEMBERSHIP of the Society shall be open to all interested in furthering the above objects.

    The Society may, from time to time, and by unanimous approval of the committee, grant Honorary Membership to an individual, or to a group, or to a business, in recognition of their contribution to life around the Creek in general or to the Society in particular. Honorary members shall enjoy all the benefits of the Society but be exempt from any annual membership fee.

  • 4.

    MANAGEMENT of the Society shall be delegated to a committee consisting of:


    And not more than twelve members who shall undertake individually, in pairs or as subcommittees reporting fully to the Main Committee the functions of

    Membership Secretary
    Media and Newsletter
    Planning and Environmental Matters
    Boat Check and Marine Matters
    Other situations arising

  • 5.

    ELECTION. The Officers and Committee shall be elected yearly by the Members at the Annual General Meeting. Any member of the Society shall be eligible for election as an officer or committee member provided that he or she has been proposed and seconded by members of the Society and has signified his or her willingness to stand and to assist with one or more of the functions listed in paragraph 4.

  • 6.

    MEETINGS. The Committee shall convene an Annual General Meeting once during each calendar year. Unless an exceptional circumstance dictates otherwise, this meeting shall be in the first quarter of the year and the following business shall be conducted: Report to Members of the year’s activities; presentation of audited accounts; election of officers and committee; determination of the annual subscription; any other business proper for the Society. In addition to the Annual General Meeting the Committee may convene General Meetings at any time if it considers that the affairs of the Society so necessitate. Should not less than twenty-five members of the Society so petition in writing, the Committee shall convene a General Meeting to be held within one month of receipt of the petition to discuss business appropriate to the objects of the Society, which must have been specified in the petition. Meetings of the Committee may be held as often as the Committee think necessary provided that not less than four meetings shall be held in each year. The Quorum for General Meetings shall be twenty members and for the Committee seven members.

  • 7.

    NOTICES AND VOTING. All Members of the Society shall be entitled to attend, to speak and to vote at any General Meeting and to receive notice of the meeting and the agenda of business to be conducted not less than twenty-one clear days before the Annual General Meeting and not less than seven clear days before any other General Meeting. Each Member shall have one vote. Voting shall normally be by show of hands but voting for the election of Officers and Committee Members shall be by ballot and voting on other matters may, at the discretion of the Chairman, be by ballot. In exceptional circumstances the Committee may conduct a postal ballot of all members on matters of great and urgent importance to the Society. In the case of an equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote which he may use to resolve an impasse. The Conduct of Committee meetings shall be at the discretion of officers and members.

  • 8.

    SUB-COMMITTEES. The Committee may nominate such sub-committees as it thinks fit and may co-opt other persons to serve on sub-committees provided that elected members of the Committee shall form the majority of the members of each sub-committee. Each sub-committee shall be dissolved before the Annual General Meeting each year but may be re-appointed by the newly elected Committee afterwards.

  • 9.

    PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. The Committee may employ such professional advisers as it deems necessary and is empowered to pay the appropriate fees within the prevailing means of the Society.

  • 10.

    REMUNERATION AND EXPENSES. No member of the Society shall receive any fee or remuneration by way of loss of earnings in respect of any work he may do for the Society but members of the Committee may be reimbursed for expenses actually and necessarily incurred in travelling on the Society’s business [but not for travelling to Committee or General Meetings] and for postal and clerical expenses necessarily incurred. At the discretion of the Committee a professional adviser who is a member of the Society, but not of the Committee or a subcommittee, may be employed provided that his employment is reported at the next Annual General Meeting.

  • 11.

    SUBSCRIPTIONS AND FINANCE. Each member shall pay an annual subscription not later than January l’ of such amount as shall be determined from time to time at the Annual General Meeting.

  • 12.

    CASH. All cash received shall be deposited in a Bank Account opened in the name of the Society and no monies shall be expended without the approval of the Committee and all cheques must be signed by the Treasurer and one other officer.

  • 13.

    ALTERATION OF THE RULES of the Society may be made by the members in General Meeting provided that not less than twenty-one clear days notice of the proposed alterations has been given to all members and that such proposals are carried by a majority of not less than two- thirds of those members present and voting.


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