Restronguet Creek Boatwatch

Update 24 September 2021:  Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to operate Boatwatch fully over the next few weeks due to committee changes. So if your boat is here in the creek you may wish to keep a watchful eye on it especially if we have adverse weather.

The Creek Society's BoatWatch organisation was set up in 1994.

The objective of BoatWatch is, through 'Watchers' overlooking the Creek, to contact the owners where we see something amiss. Over the 25 years, many incidents have been reported, owners contacted, boats and gear recovered and further damage often averted.

We watch over an area from Devoran Quay to the entrance to the Creek near the Pandora Inn.  It is emphasised that this is entirely a voluntary arrangement with no obligation on owners of boats moored in the Creek to join BoatWatch and no responsibility accepted by the Restronguet Creek Society, or its members, for the safety and security of boats. It is intended to be a 'good neighbours' activity only.

There are currently some 135 boats registered with BoatWatch and moored in the Creek.  Although this number is impressive, our last survey showed that there are many other boats whose ownership details are not in our records.

If you would like to register your boat with BoatWatch, please download a Boatwatch Registration Form.  Please note: this service is FREE to members of the Restronguet Creek Society.  Non-members may join by completing this form and paying the membership fee.


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